Protective Orders and Domestic Violence Issues - Tulsa, OK
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Protective Orders and Domestic Violence Issues

“Kimberly’s leadership roles in the Oklahoma Bar Association and specifically the Family Law Section and legislation initiatives have offered her the opportunity to impact the profession of family law and make changes to improve what is often a difficult and unforgiving system. How many people do we know who can give the gift of HOPE to people when they need it? Kimberly can.”

Our firm has 30 years experience in helping clients faced with domestic violence issues. Kimberly is passionate about advocating for her clients to ensure they are treated fairly and protected.  Kimberly K. Hays represents clients who are seeking a protective order from the Courts or in a domestic violence or stalking situation. She also provides assertive representation when defending a client against the allegations of domestic violence or stalking. She has the knowledge, compassion and skill needed to help a client navigate the necessary legal steps. Our firm is committed to not judging our client, but rather ensuring that we represent you based on your specific needs. The facts in protective order cases are not always clear-cut. It can be very tumultuous and emotional to navigate family dynamics.  Kimberly K. Hays has achieved successful results for the clients she has represented in these difficult situations. She is committed not only to legal justice but also walks side by side with her clients to help them work through this process. If you are facing the allegations of domestic violence, stalking, or if you need to seek a protective order from an unsafe situation for yourself or your children, contact our firm today. We are prepared to help you along this journey, you don’t have navigate this path alone.