Navigating Fair Asset Division And Debt Division
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Asset Division And Debt Division

“Through her years of professional work as an outstanding lawyer and as the owner of her own law firm, as well as her community service and leadership, she has made a difference in the lives of many people and in our community.”

If you were married for any length of time, you may have an interest in marital property such as real property, cars, businesses, investments including retirement plans and a 401k, and many other things you may not realize have a value for you in a divorce. You also may have shared financial responsibilities. It can be hard to navigate how to fairly and correctly divide up your property interests and financial responsibilities without legal counsel and representation. Kimberly K. Hays has three decades of experience working with clients of varying financial means. She has helped clients successfully navigate the division of marital estates ranging from relatively straight forward to complex estates,  and everything in between.

Kimberly K. Hays is a skilled  and knowledgeable attorney who uses the Oklahoma laws and cases to support a fair asset and debt division for each client. No two cases are alike and Kimberly prepares for each client a unique and specialized plan to achieve what is fair for each client. She advocates for her clients to ensure they are receiving what is rightfully theirs. Our law firm’s number one goal is to thoroughly take the time to understand your case and push hard for our client’s best interest. We build your personalized case strategy using your goals and strengths. We will take the time to communicate honestly with you, listen to your concerns, and help you navigate each step. If you choose Kimberly K. Hays to represent you, you are choosing someone who is knowledgeable, intelligent, and passionate about her client’s cases.