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“Kimberly is a woman of influence who has had an invaluable impact on the legal profession and the community. She is authentic, a problem-solver, and enthusiastic.”

The practice of family law covers many types of cases. Kimberly is an experienced attorney who has successfully advocated for her clients in all areas of family law.  Some additional areas of the law that Kimberly provides representation include:


  • Paternity Cases including establishing paternity rights, defending against a paternity action, child support, parental rights and time sharing.


  • “Contempt of Court” Cases including child support, visitation, and enforcing the terms of your Court Order.


  • Premarital Agreement also called prenuptial agreements. We can help you prepare a legal agreement that represents your wishes to protect yourself and your finances in the future. We also can help you enforce the terms of your premarital agreement.


  • Post Decree Modifications over time your situation may change and you need the terms of your Court Order changed. We can help you put in writing any agreements to change your Court Order. Kimberly K. Hays can also advocate for your best interests by filing a Motion to modify and help you receive changes to the Court Order. Modifications can generally be made to the custody of children, parenting time schedules, and child support including changes in income or a child reaching the age of majority.


  • Settlement Options If you have reached an agreement on your family law issue, you need those terms detailed in a Court Order to protect you in the future. Kimberly will work with you to ensure your agreement covers all the issues you need to address. If you want to reach an agreement but need some help, then Kimberly will prepare you for mediation and attend the mediation with you. She will guide you through the settlement process respecting your goals while also offering you options that you may not even realize you have in the process. Do not attempt a settlement of your legal rights without consulting an experienced family law attorney.


  • Temporary Orders Before a final Decree of Dissolution or Paternity is put into place by the Court, you may ask the Court for help in deciding how important issues will  be handled in the mean time while your case is pending. Kimberly can advocate for you at the Temporary Order stage for things such as temporary custody and physical time sharing, temporary child support, temporary alimony, temporary division of debt payment and temporary possession of assets, such as the marital residence. The terms of a Temporary Order are very important and can set the stage for the final Order. Kimberly is experienced in presenting to the Court all the facts necessary to entitle you to all the protections you need while your case is going through the process.


If you find yourself in need of a lawyer for any of these situations, contact our firm today. Our hope is to be able to serve the families of Oklahoma well. Kimberly K. Hays can help you navigate a variety of factors when it comes to your family. Whether you are starting a new life with your partner, or trying to navigate a new phase in your family dynamic, we are here to help.