Child Custody Lawyer Tulsa, OK
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Child Custody Lawyer 
Tulsa, OK



Child Custody Lawyer

Kimberly’s, family law knowledge, gained over 30 years of law practice, is an asset to her clients. Kimberly, a Child Custody Lawyer, is proud to be a second-generation attorney, following in the footsteps of her Father. She is passionate about the practice of law and recognizes the important role it serves in the lives of her clients.


Kimberly is a successful family law litigation attorney. She has participated in advanced courtroom trial skills training by nationally recognized litigation experts. Kimberly’s desire to be the most effective advocate in the courtroom for her clients led her to take part in advanced litigation training. She completed a 7-day intensive trial advocacy training at the American Bar Association Family Law Section, Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute in Houston, Texas. She has also completed trial skills seminars taught by national expert, Roger Dodd, both the Roger Dodd Trial Skills Clinic and Roger Dodd Advanced Trial Skills Clinic.




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Child Custody Lawyer

Kimberly Hays embodies an unwavering source of support and guidance for individuals embarking on the challenging journey of divorce in Tulsa, OK. 

Her steadfast dedication to her clients, combined with her profound expertise in family law, enables her to offer sound legal counsel and compassionate assistance during challenging moments. 

No matter the complexities or unique aspects of your case, she is prepared to passionately advocate for you and your family. To begin working with the legal expertise you deserve, contact Kimberly Hays Law today! 


Kimberly also has extensive experience in helping clients who are defending against requests for child support that are unfair or a parent who is not being fair in dividing the time you spend with your child or children. Kimberly passionately advocates for a parent’s right to a fair time-sharing plan with your child or children.

Having an experienced family lawyer by your side through these matters is imperative. Kimberly has served in leadership roles in the Family Law Sections of the Oklahoma Bar Association and the Tulsa County Bar Association, not only to serve her fellow colleagues but also to better serve her clients. She stays up to date on family law and is continually perfecting her ability to represent her clients both in the courtroom and in negotiating agreed settlements. Don’t leave your family’s future to chance, contact us today for more information.